Strike in Remploy Factories on the 19th and 26th of July

There will be a strike in Remploy Factories on the 19th and 26th of July. The need for solid strike action has become more important as today (10/7/12) the Company have announced the closure of 27 factories which if they have their way will close by Christmas of this year. Disabled workers are being made to pay the price for bankers greed, with their jobs. We need your support and solidarity on our picket lines. Attached is a list of factories with contact details. Please send messages of support and solidarity to myself or to Please bring banners, flags, and most importantly yourselves, Remploy workers will not give up our factories or our dignity. Come and stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Also attached is our alternative plan which outlines a credible and viable alternative to putting disabled people on the scrapheap. Many thanks for your help and support. Les Les Woodward National Convenor Remploy Trade Union Consortium Trades Council Coordinator 07977436251

The local one near us is  Unit 14 Crusader Industrial Estate London N4 1LZ George Witter UNITE Phone no  2088097733


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