Camden Trades Council

Uniting workers and communities in the London Borough of Camden

The EDL marching in Walthamstow 1 September ; LMHR 10th anniversary celebrations

1. Stop the EDL from marching in Walthamstow.

Over the last two years, the English Defence League (EDL) have held countless demonstrations across the country, where they have rampaged through towns, attacking mosques, businesses and individuals. More recently, they have begun to attack peaceful demonstrations and multicultural and trade union meetings.

The EDL have decided to have another London based march, this time in Walthamstow. Each time the EDL assemble, minorities and trades unionists are subjected to threats and racial/religious abuse. They rely on threats and intimidation, but they can be stopped.
Last year, the EDL were prevented from marching through Tower Hamlets due to a fantastic show of unity from the local community. It is essential that we show the same level of unity to stop them in Walthamstow.

Camden UAF are pleased to show solidarity with the residents of Walthamstow by supporting this event. We will be meeting to go to Walthamstow as a group at King’s Cross station and taking the underground. Meet 10am outside the old concourse. Please join us.

Celebrate Walthamstow’s fantastic, multicultural community.

Show the EDL that we will not tolerate their politics of hate on our streets.

No Pasaran!

2. Love Music Hate Racism 10th anniversary

This event is going to be huge, anyone that’s been involved in fighting racism over the last 10 years needs to be here!


Date: Saturday 15 September

Time: 1pm – 1am

Venue: Rich Mix, 35-47  Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA


Tickets available NOW

call LMHR on 020 7801 2781

or go to  Rich Mix – LMHR tickets



From 8pm to 1am we will be bringing together a number of LMHR performers and artists for

a gig to remember.  Including: Drew McConnell, Get Cape Wear cape Fly, Jerry Dammers,

Pandit G + Many More.


Film Screenings

There will be film showings and Q&A with the directors of: Westway to the World, The Battle of

Cable Street



From the 6th to the 30th september, we will be hosting an exhibition of Rock Against Racism

and LMHR posters and memorabilia.


Poetry and Comedy

Earlier in the evening we will be hosting a night of poetry and comedy.


Meetings and Talks

During the day we will be holding a number of panel discussions and talks on racism, fascism

and defending multiculturalism.  Including: show racism the red card + love music hate

homophobia hosting meetings.


Paul Gilroy (author)

Salma Yaqoob (campaigner)

Mike Rosen (author/broadcaster)

Hugh Lanning (PCS deputy gen sec)

Drew McConnell (musician)

Zita Holbourne (poet)

Pandit G (DJ)

Ken Livingstone

Edie Freeman (campaigner)

Martin Smith (LMHR)

Mark Steel (comedian)

Weyman Bennett (campaigner)

Alan Gibbons (author)

Chritine Blower (NUT gen sec)

Elly Barnes (LGBT activist)

Morris Beckman (43 Group, anti-fascist veeran)

Jerry Dammers (musician)

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (musician)

Don Letts (film maker/musician)


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