UCU and UNISON members meeting Education not Deportation

Open meeting for the London Met community to discuss the attack on

London Met from the UKBA decision to revoke our licence to recruit

over seas students. Organised by: MetSU, UNISON & UCU with support

of NUS

All students and staff are welcome. Special guests local MP Jeremy Corbyn,

leading human rights lawyer Imran Khan & Catherine West, Labour Leader

of Islington Council. Plus short film, poetry and networking, discussion,

refreshments provided …


5pm-7pm Thursday 13 September, Tower Building room TM-183

166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB

Nearest Tube: Holloway Road & Highbury & Islington

Buses: 43, 153, 271, 393

 3rd September 2012 (text below amended 10th September)

We note:

1. That the UKBA decision to revoke London Met’s sponsorship is an unprecedented attack on all higher education and must be opposed at all levels.

We resolve to demand the Governors:

1. Go back to UKBA and the Home Office to demand an amnesty for all our international students affected by the UKBA revocation, to allow them to continue to study at London Met University and to complete their degrees at London Met and that international students are taken out of immigration statistics and as a consequence the remit of UKBA.

2. To support the petition and rally on Wednesday calling for an amnesty for all affected international students and to agree staff and students are given leave to attend that rally (1pm: Marsham St. UKBA Home Office) [this took place]

3. Makes a public statement in support of university staff at this difficult time.

4. Investigate as a matter of urgency the possibility of judicial review of the UKBA decision.

5. To give union representatives access to the UKBA report sent to the university last week and to all relevant documentation and communications.

6. Put all ‘initiatives,’ including Shared Services and the LSBF partnership on hold until the UKBA issue is resolved.

7. They meet with UCU / UNISON representatives on Tuesday this week (including lay reps) [this has now happened].

8. Act appropriately in relation to senior management.

The meeting further resolves:


We call on London Met Board of Governors to support the above position and issue a press statement to that effect.


Failure to support the above will result in appropriate action from members.

The meeting [Monday September 10] notes:

with anger and regret the Vice Chancellor’s total failure to respond to UNISON and UCU members’ questions about UKBA.

The failure of UKBA and/or London Met management to provide a clear definition of the term ‘teaching’ and ‘teaching activity’

For further info contact:


Catherin Maguire – UNISON Branch Secretary :


Eddie Rowley – UNISON Acting Chair


Mark Campbell: UCU Chair:


Cliff Snaith, UCU Secretary

07901 794 279


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