EU: Keep Up The Pressure Against New Trade Agreement! PSC update: MEP committee vote to support Israel impunity but battle goes to next stage

 Update on ACAA – committee narrowly votes for Israeli impunity – step up the pressure!

The European Parliament Committee on International Trade (INTA) has voted in favour of ACAA by a thin margin. The vote was passed on 18th September with fifteen in favour and thirteen against, whilst two MEPs abstained. By passing the agreement, the committee has undermined not only Palestinian human rights but also the EU, which has repeatedly criticised Israel for its treatment of Palestinians. There is still a lot to fight for; the agreement still has to go through the Parliament before it can take effect. According to the European Parliament the vote is expected to happen in October.

The narrow vote in INTA shows that this could be a very close thing when this reaches a vote of all MEPs in November so make sure you write to your MEP today and urge them to stop ACAA! If you’ve already written why not ask a friend if they can contact their MEPs. Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)


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