Greater London Association of Trades Union Councils


Speak OUT Against Austerity


27 September 2012

6:30 pm


UNITE House, 128 Theobald’s Rd London WC1

(station – Holborn)




Sky Yarlett

NUS LGBT Officer


Peter Purton

TUC LGBT Policy Officer


Jamie Dennis

Brighton Queers Against Cuts


open mic session – hear the voices of LGBTQ people hit by the austerity policies


organised by – OUT Against Austerity

which is supported by –

Queer Resistance; Queers Against the Cuts; Left Front Art; Queer Strike; No to Hate Campaign;

NUS LGBT Campaign and SERTUC LGBT Network


sponsored by UNITE LE/1148 Branch


there will be 20 complimentary tickets to see screening of

‘Dreams and Other Night Fears’ (2012) by Hermes Pittakos

at the London Underground Film Festival in Bloomsbury that evening


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