War criminals & arms dealers out of our universities

Protest Tuesday 13 November 11am
War criminals & arms dealers out of our universities
Main Entrance, University College London WC1E 6BT

Facebook event…        Download poster/leaflet…

Tony Blair, John Reid and Michael Gove are among the speakers at the inaugural conference of the UCL Institute for Security & Resilience Studies.

Join Stop the War to protest against war criminals like Tony Blair and his friends speaking at a conference to promote the interests of arms dealers in our universities.

How Tony Blair and friends help arms dealers get into bed with Britain’s universities…

It is a disgrace that Blair should show his face anywhere in public, least of all in a place of learning. The damage this conference will do, indeed has already done, to the reputation of higher education only compounds that of the gross involvement of the arms industry. Read more…

See also:
Why it is Tony Blair and not me who should be in the dock…


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