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One in three UK workers at risk of work-induced “burn-out”

Longer working hours and excessive pressures at work are causing a third of British employees to feel threatened by “burn-out”, a new research report from HR consultants Towers Watson has found.


The global study, which surveyed 32,000 employees worldwide, revealed that UK employees are working increasingly long hours: over a half of British respondents (58%) said that they have been working more hours than normal over the past three years (while half of them expected this to continue for a further three years), and 26% admitted that they have not been taking as much holiday or personal time off over the same period


The mounting pressure felt by British workers to demonstrate their commitment to their job by constantly being in the office echoes the findings of the CIPD’s annual Absence Management survey, published last October, which saw a marked rise in presenteeism With an unstable economic climate and fears surrounding job security, a fifth of workers unsurprisingly feel that the amount of work they are asked to do is unreasonable, with 30% believing their organisation is underresourced Furthermore, less than a third said that their bosses were supportive of health and wellbeing policies to help them cope with increasing stress levels.


UK results were broadly similar to those seen across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with similar numbers of workers feeling the strain of too much pressure, longer working hours and the lack of resources available in the workplace Stress remained the main reason for sickness absenteeism after it became the top reason for the first time in 2011.

H&S UK burnout



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