Message of Support Amid the Current Lock-Out of the Danish Teachers’ Union (DLF),

Dear Sisters & Brothers of the Danish Teachers’ Union (DLF),

I am writing in my role of chairperson to extend the support of Camden Trades Council in north central London to teachers across Denmark in the face of a lock-out by the local authorities across the country. We understand that the local employers can currently count on the support of the Social Democrat-led coalition government.

Camden Trades Council is an umbrella body for our local labour movement and has nearly 40 affiliates among local union branches in our borough, including the 1,700 strong local association of the National Union of Teachers (NUT). The current dispute in Denmark over teachers’ pay and conditions will be only too familiar to classroom educators in Britain, who are facing the prospect of performance-related pay as well as a longer working day and shorter holiday periods under the Conservative education secretary Michael Gove.

As in Britain, it would seem that teachers and their union are being scapegoated for a range of societal ills. That a Social Democratic prime minister in your country is apparently willing to back very similar proposals to Michael Gove‘s shows that teachers, along with other public sector workers, now face a common offensive internationally, an offensive with deep ideological roots.

I have little doubt that NUT members in Britain as well as other public sector trade unionists in Britain have valuable lessons to learn from your very important fight. We certainly share an interest in your victory!

With best wishes for a swift and succesful resolution of your important dispute and please do let me know how my UNISON branch and Camden Trades Council might assist DLF members over the coming days and weeks

Yours in solidarity,


George Binette
Camden UNISON Branch Secretary & Camden Trades Council Chairperson


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