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Please circulate to your members/networks Hazards 2013

Come to the Hazards 2013 conference 19th to 21st July, Keele University, near Stoke on Trent.

The health and safety system of law and enforcement which we, the workers and our families, have won over hundred years of collective struggle, is being demolished by this government without the national outcry such action demands.

The Hazards Campaign has been fighting back since this government was elected in 2010 under the ‘We Didn’t Vote to Die at Work’ banner, making people aware, providing the evidence to challenge the government lies- good health and safety is a ‘burden on business’ – , mobilising resistance in trade unions, and amongst the public via actions, demos and International Workers Memorial Day, lobbying MPs and ministers.

As the attacks now bear their poisonous fruit- e.g. c.uts in laws, massive cuts in enforcement and banning of proactive inspections, wiping occupational health action off the agenda downgrading of Approved Codes of Practice, removing civil liability and access to justice for those harmed by work, taking the self employed out of health and safety law, plus much more, we have upped our campaigning to tell the government to ‘Stop it: You’re Killing us’!

If you care not only about losing your own health and safety protection, but that of your family, friends, community, and future generations, then join us in fighting back. Come to the Hazards 2013 Conference – there are places left but get forms in soon!

Please also consider sponsoring it to help our year long campaigning against the government’s Race to the Bottom, which would enable UK PLC to compete with workers in Bangladesh and other Asian countries …and we have all seen how that turned out at Tazreen, Rana Plaza, and Ali Enterprises garment factory fires and building collapse, no progress since the Kader and Jhili toy factory fires of 20 years ago
Information on Hazards 2013 and booking form and sponsorship forms at:



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