“No return to the killing fields on London’s construction sites” demand the Construction Safety Campaign (CSC)

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Following the death’s of two construction workers and the very lucky escape from death of one other, all within six day’s in London last week Peter Farrell, Chair of the Construction Safety Campaign, said: “There must be no return to the killing fields of old on London’s construction sites. We demand urgent a_ction by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) telling all construction employers they will not tolerate any increase in construction worker deaths. There must also be more HSE construction inspectors working pro-actively to prevent any increase in deaths in the construction industry.

“Construction employers must also stop banning trade union activity on site as they are currently on some major projects in London. They must be reminded of the positive influence of unions as happened on the Olympics site where happily no-one was killed.”

The details of the incidents last week are:

2.3.14 A construction worker was killed on a construction site in the Warton Rd area of Stratford. He was struck by equipment on an excavator.

7.3.14 A construction worker was killed by falling concrete while working underground on the Crossrail project at Fisher St in Holborn.

7.3.14 A 35 year old crane driver suffered serious head injuries when a crane jib collapsed on Balfour Beatty’s 43-storey Providence Tower site in London’s Docklands.

For further information contact:

Peter Farrell, Chair of Construction Safety Campaign (CSC) – 07584 325 615

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