Greek cleaners appeal for international support


Support the 595 women cleaners in the front line against austerity in Europe

Every so often a dispute arises which symbolises the mood of the time. The resistance by 595 sacked cleaners from the Ministry of Finance in Greece is such a dispute – arising directly from the austerity measures imposed on Greece by the Troika and the imposition of private sub-contractors for their work. The women refuse to give up and have continued a very public struggle for almost a year, attracting mass support. See further information

They are now calling for our support. We ask you to:
Send a message of support to the Cleaners’ Co-ordinating Committee, via or put a comment on their website
Send a donation made out to the Greece Solidarity Campaign which we will transfer to Athens – by cheque to the above address or by bank transfer to Unity Trust Bank plc, Nine Brindley Place, Birmingham B1 2HB; a/c in name of Greece Solidarity Campaign; Sort code: 08 60 01; a/c Number: 20288734. Please email so we know your donation is for the cleaners
Support the International Day of Solidarity by joining us (with your buckets, mops and banners) when we Stand in Solidarity with the 595 Cleaners – from 09.30 to 11.00 morning on Saturday 20 September – outside the Hellenic Centre, 16 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5AS

Direct appeal from the 595 Greek Cleaners

We, the 595 cleaners of the Economics Ministry, who had our jobs taken away from us on the 17th of September 2013, so that they can be given to private sub-contractors, have been fighting the last 11 months against the politics of austerity and against those who are imposing it, ie the Samaras government and the TROICA. Every day we are on the street demanding our jobs and our rights, resisting police intimidation and government propaganda. Although we have been vindicated by the Greek judiciary system the government is refusing to implement the courts’ decision.

We are appealing to all residents associations, social movements, trade unions, women’s organisations, political parties and citizens of the world, all of you who don’t condone injustice and empathise with its victims, to express your solidarity with our struggle for survival and dignity, which is also your struggle.

We are calling on you to join forces with us and to organise together

The Cleaners campaign in Greece has inspired support from around the world, shocked by pictures of the women, many in their 50s and 60s beaten by riot police and moved by their determined and dignified struggle.

Their case is going to court again on 23 September. That is why they have call now for international action in solidarity and will themselves be sending a delegation to join a demonstration at the European Parliament in Strasburg on September 16/17

The Greece Solidarity Campaign in the UK is in direct contact with the Committee and in response to their appeal we are organising to mobilise a show of solidarity for their struggle on Saturday 20 September 09.30 to 11.00 morning outside the Hellenic Centre, 16 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5AS.

The Greece Solidarity Campaign was established by the late Tony Benn and endorsed by TUC Congress in 2013. A delegation to meet the trade union, political and social movement anti-austerity resistance, including the cleaners is taking place this October. If you wish to affiliate to the campaign please contact us or website
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