Defend the Right to Protest Public Meeting

After Simon Harwood Verdict –  Policing on Trial: How do we get Justice?
This Thursday, 2 August, 7pm, SOAS, rm G2
Sophie Priestley, Solicitor to Ian Tomlinson’s family
Brian Richardson, campaigning lawyer
Marcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg,
Alfie Meadows, student defendant
Ed Greens, arrested on the critical mass cycle ride
Following the outrage at the not guilty verdict delivered on Simon Harwood, the cop who killed Ian Tomlinson, DTRTP  has called a public forum which will be introduced by Sophie Priestley the solicitor to Ian Tomlinson’s famlily. The family have made clear that they are prepared to fight on for justice, and the prospect of a public disciplinary hearing into Simon Harwood in October, is one indication that this issue is not going to go away. The scale of anger over this issue is part of a wider anger and politicisation over police violence and corruption. The heavy handed policing of Critical Mass cyclists during the opening ceremony of the Olympics in which 182 people were arrested, held in buses, stipped of their clothes and bailed on draconian conditions, is one example of how police repression will continue to be a feature of austerity Britain. The public meeting will also take place shortly after after a verdict is expected from the Inquest into the death of Sean Rigg, a young black man who died in police custody. This is likely to contain explosive details about the treatment of Sean by police see for example:
Defend the Right to Protest NATIONAL CONFERENCE
Austerity, Injustice and the Power of Protest
Sunday 14 October, 11.30 -5.30pm, Central London
Spaces are limited- book now on
The DTRTP National Conference taking place as people prepare for an Autumn of struggle will also be an important opportunity to bring together the experience and lessons from key points of resistance in Britain from the student movement to the strikes and the riots. It will examine the nature of the current attacks on protest, what laws and tactics are being employed and why. In the wake of recent victories which have seen students have successfully fight off charges resulting from the anti-fees demonstrations, it will look at how protest and working class movements have had to confronted the law and state in the past, and discuss the future of resistance here and internationally.
Speakers include: Mark Sewotka,Jules Carey solictor to Ian Tomlinson’s family, Darcus Howe, Gareth Peirce, Tony Benn, Owen Jones, Marcia Rigg, Alfie Meadows, Janet Alder, Matt Foot, Fahim Alam acquitted post riot arrest, Deborah Coles Inquest, Dannie Grufferty NUS VP, Hannah Dee, Rhetta Moran Justice for Bolton, John McDonnell, Estelle Du Boulay Newham Monitoring Project, Unjum Mirza RMT, Jennifer Hilliard, Maggie Mitchell mother of acquitted student, John Tipple Poll tax defendant, Nadine El-Enany Egyptian activist, UK Uncut, Ken Fero director of Injustice and many more.
Workshops include  How do we resist the clampdown; Defending the right to strike; reading the riots; how to run an effective defence campaign; from Egypt to Quebec – organising solidarity with global protest movements; know your rights – the law and protest; when fear changes sides – the future of resistance
Tickets £6/3 Book Now at

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