Camden Trades Council

Uniting workers and communities in the London Borough of Camden

Fight the savage cuts that the Ministry seeks to impose on the justice system

We wish to support both the legal profession and the Probation service’s action on Monday and Tuesday of this week when they did not attend court hearings. The criminal justice system is already in crisis. The savage cuts that the Ministry seeks to impose will mean that the cherished ideal of access to justice being open to all, irrespective of means will be lost for ever. Legal aid and the courts have always been regarded as a “cinderella public service” – which has allowed successive Government to attack it. These cuts though mark the tipping point. They mark the future as one in which the super rich will pay for the best lawyers and others will rely on a chronically underfunded state system. One wonders if this is the Coalitions plan for all public services. It is essential that the cuts are reversed. Camden Lawyers have always been at the forefront of protecting our civil liberties and it is no surprise that they are leading the fight again. We pay special tribute to Jon Black at BSB solicitors and Matt Foot at Birnbergs for helping lead this fight. . We support you and urge all to stand up for legal aid and for the MoJ to reverse these cuts

Raj Chada – Chair of Holborn and St Pancras Labour party


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