Hands Off London Transport!

Stop the closure of every Tube ticket office in London!
Stop staff cuts that will make the Tube less safe and accessible!

Fight against the further £4.2 billion of cuts to TfL and London Underground!

Join the day of action against Tube cuts on 13th June 2014.

To link up with the RMT’s national organising day on Bob Crow’s birthday, 13th June, the Hands Off London Transport campaign is organising leafletting of the public and other action to raise awareness of the harmful effects of Tube cuts.

Where: Brixton, Walthamstow, Kings Cross Tube stations. If you want to organise an event at your local Tube station please get in touch and we will provide campaign materials.

When: 4.30pm-6.30pm, Friday 13th June.
More times and locations tba. – please see http://handsofflondontransport.wordpress.com/

The day of action has been called by the Hands Off London Transport campaign. We are a coalition of anti-austerity, student, labour movement and equalities campaigners fighting to stop £4.2 billion of planned cuts which will damage London’s public transport in coming years.

For more Information please contact crocker.becky@gmail.com


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